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The CEO of one of the smallest hospitals in the country discusses the opportunities in rural hospitals

October 11, 2021

Steven Kelley, president and CEO of Ellenville Regional Hospital, a 25-bed critical access hospital in the Catskill region of New York, discusses how his organization drastically reduced ED times and improved outcomes for patients suffering from complications of COVID-19.

This episode is sponsored by USA Senior Care Network. USA Senior Care Network brings together Medicare Supplement Insurance carriers and quality healthcare facilities in a nationwide network for Medicare Supplement policyholders.  Although these policyholders have the ability to choose any hospital they want, they know that by choosing the in-network facility, it helps to manage costs and to keep premiums affordable for the future.  Through this innovative network, USA Senior Care Network’s insurance clients are able to channel their Medigap policyholders to participating hospitals in markets all across the country.  Thousands of credentialed hospitals and other medical facilities have contracted with USA Senior Care Network to gain patient volume and revenue on inpatient and outpatient procedures and services.

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